Tom Cundy

"Tom Cundy came to Florida State University from Bellevue, Kentucky with an engaging smile and a fine tennis game."

"As his tennis coach for several years, I learned much about the character of this young boy. Suffice to say, it was a source of constant pleasure to watch him play his favorite sport. I once told him that if he wanted to be a great man, he would first have to be a great boy. I doubt he recalls this but he has certainly lived up to these thoughtful words."

"In the four years during which I was associated with Tom Cundy, I never saw him make a dishonest line call."

"His constant good humor while playing with him or against him was a constant joy. In short, he was a gentleman on and off the tennis court."

"Tom won with modesty and lost, though infrequently, with grace. While all of his teammates, as well as myself, saw a bright future in his adulthood, few of us would have predicted the success he has found in the business world."

"Some wise man once said that 'God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.' In my garden of roses, Tom Cundy is as fresh and fragrant as he was nearly 50 years ago when he first arrived at Florida State University."

H. Donald Loucks Tennis Coach Florida State University